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Not all probiotic supplements are created equal....many JUST DON’T WORK.

Why? Usually, it’s because they don’t contain enough live bacteria cultures to actually DO anything!

This is where the “Milk Test” comes in. A viable probiotic can curdle a glass of milk. Perfect Biotics is so highly potent that three capsules can transform a glass of milk to a thick “custard” in less than 20 hours!

But.....other probiotics didn’t perform as well. We tested four top-selling national brands, the same ones you can buy at the drugstore. THEY ALL FAILED the Milk Test – and they’ll FAIL YOU, too.

Why waste your money on probiotics that can’t work for you, when you can try PERFECT BIOTICS™ absolutely risk free - at more than 50% off our regular price - with our special offer?


By bringing your digestive tract into balance, Perfect Biotics can:

  • Help with chronic fatigue and give you more energy
  • Reduce or eliminate uncomfortable gas and bloating
  • Reduce or eliminate occasional cramping and abdominal pain
  • Allow you to eat more of the foods you enjoy without discomfort

I, too, experienced years of digestive problems before I researched the science of probiotics. I now believe that taking a daily probiotic is one of the most important things you can do for your health. And it’s my professional opinion that Perfect Biotics™ is the most effective probiotic supplement available today.

- Dr. Cary Nelson


If you’ve been having persistent digestive problems for years – gas, bloating, abdominal discomfort, etc. – you’re most likely suffering from a bacterial imbalance in your GI Tract.

You see, there are trillions of bacteria in your gut: some good, some bad. When you’ve got the right balance of good to bad bacteria, your body processes food correctly…so you’ve got lots of energy and you feel great.

But when you’ve got too much bad bacteria, your digestive system doesn’t work efficiently. That’s why you’re fatigued, bloated, and experiencing digestive problems no matter what you eat.

And right now, our diet is full of preservatives, added sugars, and artificial sweeteners which literally feed your bad bacteria and cause them to grow out of control.

This is why probiotics are so important. When you use a powerful probiotic supplement, you’re boosting your good bacteria and helping your gut get healthy again.

Probiotics are a safe and effective way to restore balance to your digestive system – helping you digest food better, stay healthy, and have plenty of energy for your day.

Try Perfect Biotics Now!

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You can try Perfect Biotics™ RISK FREE at MORE THAN 50% OFF our regular price! 90-DAY MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE


Most doctors recommend that a probiotic supplement contain at least 10 billion colony-forming units (CFUs) to ensure effectiveness.

Perfect Biotics™ contains 30 billion colony-forming units — THREE TIMES the recommended amount! — so you can be confident that Perfect Biotics™ can work for you!

  • The diversity of our formula is unparalleled – with 15 unique “Super Strains” to deliver optimal benefits
  • We use an allergen-free, glucose-free, and Kosher vegetarian capsule designed to allow the beneficial bacteria to get past stomach acids and bile to populate your entire G.I. Tract
  • We store it in a special stay-fresh glass bottle to protect safety and viability
  • Every batch of Perfect Biotics™ is tested twice for effectiveness – once by our in-house team, and again by an independent third party, ensuring your Perfect Biotics™ are free from outside toxins and will perform at full potency.


Perfect Biotics passed the test with flying colors!
We followed the simple steps carefully, and videotaped all of it – and you can see the dramatic results, up close, for yourself. And we GUARANTEE that each bottle of Perfect Biotics™ will perform this well, or we’ll refund your money.

The National Best-Sellers all failed!
We carefully replicated the test with the National Bestsellers – and you can see here the shocking lack of results.



Pour about a quarter cup of milk (whole milk or soy milk) into two small bowls or cups.


In one of the bowls, stir in the contents of 3-4 capsules of probiotics (YES, empty the powder out of the capsules and into the milk! If your probiotic comes in tablets or “enteric pearls,” you MUST crush them to a powder consistency before you put them into the milk. If you don’t, the test won’t work.)


Allow both bowls to sit out at room temperature – overnight, or, ideally, for 24 to 48 hours.


When you’re ready to check results of your test, look for differences between the two bowls; if the bowl with probiotics hasn’t become firm, to a yogurt or custard consistency, or become lumpy and curdled…your probiotic supplement isn’t viable, meaning it can’t do what it’s supposed to do, and you should get your money back.

Still wondering if Perfect Biotics™ is right for you?

Well, stop wondering – and don’t worry, because you can order it right now and try it absolutely risk free for a full 90 days with our money-back guarantee.

Try it for 90 days. If you don’t feel better, if your gas, bloating, digestive pain haven’t ended, if your energy levels aren’t humming along at peak — simply return the unused portion, EVEN IF THE BOTTLE IS EMPTY, for a full refund. It’s just that simple.


*Results may vary by individual.


“I’ve had stomach issues for years. They weren’t occasional problems, they were everyday problems.
Within a week of using the product, they were gone. I feel 100 times better!”*

Kevin M.


"Great Decision"

I started using Probiotic America 2 months ago. It was the best decision I had made. I was feeling bloated and sluggish when starting to use Probiotics and noticed a difference. My belly thinned and my energy level improved. I researched Probiotics and when I came across Probiotic America, that was my product. My son is a microbiologist and I asked him to check out the ingredients on the bottle and said I made a good choice. I am so glad that I chose this product and did not buy something off the store shelf. What I take are real and not something with hidden ingredients.*

Kathy C.
Brooklyn, MI


"Loving it!"

Both my husband and I feel great! No more bloating, cramps, pain. More energized, sleeping better. We love how we feel. We also notice more now how some foods affect our digestive system in a negative way, so we avoid these things now. Best investment in our health ever!*

Carol V.
Tinley Park, IL


"Excellent Results"

After one month on Perfect Biotics, my digestive issues have resolved. They included diarrhea, gas, bloating, explosive defecation, not really digesting my food properly and always looking for a possible bathroom to use. I had been using a different probiotic formula which hadn't helped at all and I was beginning to feel resigned to the situation. Perfect biotics is a wonderful product and I would highly recommend it to those having digestive problems.*

Melrose, MA


"Best probiotics I've ever used"

I've had dietary issues for years ... I wasn't too impressed with the probiotics found in the drug store either. I tried Probiotic American more with the attitude of "what have I got to lose" and I love the results. The discomfort after every meal is gone and I'm finding the food cravings seem to be much easier to ignore.*

Victoria Sawicki
Canton, MI


"Love probiotics!"

It has been six weeks since I started taking probiotics, and I feel so much better! I don't feel as sluggish or fatigued. I am no longer bloated and uncomfortable everyday. My cravings, and appetite have been curved. Plus, when I am hungry I crave healthier, more lean, food. Thank you for your help on becoming the healthier me I used to be.*

Phoenix, AZ

*These results are not typical. Your results can and will vary.

Try Perfect Biotics Now!

ORDER NOW to take advantage of special TV OFFER!

You can try Perfect Biotics™ RISK FREE at MORE THAN 50% OFF our regular price! 90-DAY MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE